Mr Skillmatik An Artist Revealed

Hello everyone

We have someone we would like you to meet. He is a skilled graphic designer and goes by the name of Coz. A.K.A Mr Skillmatik

Coz was born in Macclesfield in 1984. Growing up with creative parents he spent most of his childhood with a pen in his hand he was always being creative and by the time he moved on to secondary school he found his love for the creative side of life. Always drawing on the front of his work books and getting into trouble for drawing on desks, uniforms and even the occasional girl. This is when he knew that he would only ever be happy doing creative work or some form of art.

His inspirations come mainly through the music he listens to, other artists, exploring new cities and places. He likes to read stories of inspirational people who are hard working that live their dream and do things that they believe in and become successful at it. Whatever they may be doing whether that is another artist a business man or athlete, Coz believes if you want it you work for it and make it yours.

 Here is Mr Skillmatiks art work. (click art work to view the slide show.)

We asked Coz a few questions to find out how he likes to work. Does he prefer to work alone or in a team here is what he said.

“Both its great, people to bounce ideas off but most of my work is done alone. I have a top little crew of artists and designers that I can contact for feedback and opinions which is vital if you’re all alone in a studio going insane!”

When asking him what works best for him whilst working on his projects he told us he likes to get up really early in the morning with a big coffee “some fresh beats” and work on design based jobs. After that he will move on to illustration jobs with a morefree flowing style by the time he gets to the afternoon as his concentration starts to give way that is when he likes to move on to the more fun carefree art work.  If you ask us he seems like he has it all worked out.

How long did you study in your chosen field we ask.

“I failed at art and design G.N.V.Q level when I was 17 so continued on my own learning adobe software and doing my bit in the street art world back in Manchester. I later gained the confidence to do a Graphic Design degree which took three years. The learning never stops I constantly check up on new techniques doing tutorials and testing my knowledge. It is a constant path of discovery really.”

When asking Coz about his inspirations this is what he said.

“I keep myself immersed in street and urban culture from the music I listen too to things I read, fashion all sorts, I think it helps me keep my work evolving, this also translates into work for instance I did a Grime piece last year where I illustrated loads of grime artist portraits and SBTV the music channel picked it up and I got a commission which then got posted everywhere and brought the whole thing full circle with everyone gaining out of it and it was all for the love of the culture. I love it, I feel part of it!”


Anyone who is interested in this unique artist can check him out for your self's by going to his website. 

Click Mr Skillmatik journey to his artistic realm.

Click Mr Skillmatik journey to his artistic realm.

Or hunt him down on Facebook as Mr Skillmatik