Stuart McGhee An Artist Revealed

Hello everyone

We hope you are having a fantastic day. We have another artist reveal today his name is Stuart McGhee he was born in 1976 from Greenock Scotland currently living in the southwest of England in Plymouth.

Like a lot of artist Stuart is a bit reserved when asking him questions he gets straight to the point no need to dilly-dally so let us fill you in on this wonderful cartoonist.

When we asked Mr McGhee how he first got into drawing his awesome cartoons he told us he had always been able to draw from a young age but it wasn’t until he was 30 that he realised he wanted to become an artist. So whatever age you are and you decide you want to become an artist, JUST DO IT!  Mr McGhee told us he gets his inspiration from everything around him from Television programmes, Movies to games and comic books.

We asked like the artist in other reviews what formats he works in and if he likes to work alone or in a team this is what he said.

“I have just taught myself to draw directly onto Photoshop.  Previous to that I used to work with paper and ink then scan it onto Photoshop to colour.”

“I have never really worked as a team, so I think I prefer to work alone.”

We understand it is nice to work alone sometimes. No distractions all the time you need to focus to create works of wonder like these.

Click the image for a quick slide show.

Mr McGhee runs his art business from his online site and we know that he has worked with people getting his art work into some illustrated books. Mr McGhee also sells his work at conventions he didn't tell us this in his review so we did a little digging. We hope you don’t mind Stuart but we wanted to show of how talented you are.

So was he self taught or did he study we hear you ask. Well it is a bit of both Stuart McGhee told us he could always draw and had some bad advice the first time he tried to go to art college/University so he didn't go when he finished secondary education. He fell into administration work after school and it wasn't until he was 30 that he realised that he would like to use his talent and try to make something of it. He told us he enrolled at Plymouth College of Art for three years, where he felt like they took his talents and moulded it into something useful.

Our last question to him, tell us about you. I.e. your favourite artist, books you look at. Any magazines you are interested in or any others.

“I am a cartoonist and I prefer to draw cartoons as it suites the way I work.  I have been inspired by the great artists such as Salvador Dali and Heronimous Bosch and other great cartoonists such as Matt Groening from the Simpsons fame.  I have always enjoyed comic books/graphic novels especially Marvel.”

So there you have it another artist revealed we hope you enjoyed reading please do have a look at Mr McGhee’s amazing cartoon illustrations.

Click here and take you journey to the Stuart McGhee's website.

Click here and take you journey to the Stuart McGhee's website.


Contact details available for commissions.


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