Natalie Toms an Artist Revealed

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Back with the artist reveals today we have a Natalie Toms another southwest artist just like us from our home ground Cornwall. Natalie is from St Austell was born on the 12th of January 1989 she had a lot to say when answering her questions for A.R.Tees.  Sometimes when you ask an artist when they discovered they wanted to be an artist they don’t always have a straight forward answer and who can blame them, not everyone knows.

When we asked Natalie she couldn’t really pinpoint any specific time period but she knew she had always been passionate about drawing.  We loved her first answer because after all who doesn’t love to draw their favourite cartoon or games characters. I know we did when we were kids and I bet you did too.  As she grew her art grew too. It is always interesting to us how as we develop as people our ideas and styles change with us. Natalie told us after the cartoon drawings she started drawing more realistic and detailed styled work of animals, book characters even mythical creatures.

So her inspirations what were they and what makes her tick. Here is what she said.

“I have an affinity for the relationships between nature and those living in it, as well as our curious human emotions, objects and imaginings. I find my home county of Cornwall very inspiring, and the beautiful flora and fauna that call it home.”

I am just going to say we agree with this county being an inspiration we might be somewhat bias though. It is our home land after all. If you have never been to Cornwall we recommend you take a visit at least once.

Natalie is another example how every artist you will ever meet is different from all the rest you cannot put every artist under one label and think you understand what art truly is. We asked her how she works so we could get a little bit more of an insight in what makes her art work so great.

“I tend to gather around me various reference images, including my own photographs where possible, before I begin. I start by clipping my paper (usually cold press watercolour) to a drawing board, picking up a B or 2B pencil and using the various reference images around me, I create a pose of the subject matter that I've chosen to draw. I sketch out as accurately as I can and with as much detail as I require before taking to my page with a pen. I use either a set of black Staedtler pigment fine liner or a range of Faber-Castell PITT artist pens. My style is quite pointillist, in that I build up detail and shading within my work using small dots. I am yet to create a piece of art that goes beyond an A3 page, as the level of time-consuming detail is quite immense.”

So now you know a little bit more about how she gets that lovely style to grab your eye! Here is a quick slide show of her work. ENJOY!!!

Click image for slide show.

Natalie then tells us she mostly prefers to work alone. However she enjoys discussing artwork with other artists and crafts people but she loves to hide away by her desk, put some music on and sketch until the early hours of the dawn. Something mystical about that we feel. She says it is the best way to focus no distractions or maybe that is how she makes the magic happen who knows.

Not everyone needs to go to college or art school or even university to be an artist. If you are reading this and thinking I need to do these things you don’t if you have been and done it fantastic but it isn’t how every artist gets to where they need to be.  

When asking Natalie Toms about her education or if she was self taught we had a heart warming story sometimes it can be hard in life to do all the things you need to do. She studied in art through school and then moved on to A levels at college. Natalie realised while she was in college that maybe she should have taken graphics alongside fine art but she did how ever take up graphics/ illustration as an AS level in Truro College some time later. Natalie goes on to tell us she regrets not taking graphics from the start she felt she had let herself down and didn’t achieve the grades she desired.

“I let myself down at college and didn't achieve any grade close to what I was capable of. At first, I progressed onto the Art Foundation diploma at Truro college but I didn't make it onto the Pathway Stage; when asked whether I wanted to study this course part-time over two years or leave the course and apply again next year, I chose to leave college and get a job instead. About two or three years later, I found myself wanting to prove to myself I could now complete the Foundation course. My granddad had passed away at the time and left my sister and me some money. I chose to use that money to pay for the one-year ART Foundation diploma and this time, study closer to home at St. Austell College. I succeeded in finishing my course with the highest grade possible: a Level 4: distinction. Since then I have been working harder and harder on my art to get where I am today.”

Our last question, tell us about yourself. I.e. your favourite artist, books you look at. Any magazines you are interested in or any others invokes this response.

“I find myself inspired by the works of many artists, and those who inspire my work have changed a lot over the years. I greatly admire the work of Leonardo da Vinci and the magic in the work of the artists Arthur Rackham and Alan Lee. Shaun Tan is also another remarkable illustrator. At times when I feel in need of inspiration the most, I usually head out into the woodland around Cornwall and gather natural ephemera, take photographs, and take in the views and the fresh air; upon my return to my house, I am always ready to create something new.”

Natalie works at The Lost Gardens of Heligan. This is where you can find her. She also takes on commissions and is applying to join craft fairs in Cornwall for the coming seasons but she mostly does her art work from home.


So there you have it another insight into another wonderful artist Natalie Toms.

If you liked her work then you can visit her facebook page.

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