Emma Lou An Artist Revealed

Emma Lou was born in Preston and her family relocated to Kent when she was six years of age. Her and her family also spent some time living in Greece before finally settling down in Newquay / Cornwall. 

Emma was naturally creative and loved drawing for as long as she could remember and said that there was nothing she would rather do, she would spend her whole life drawing if she could. Other Artists Inspire Emma. I think as humans we all look to other people to inspire us but the journey through Emma’s young age influenced her as well as nature catching her eye and as she told us her mood can really affect her creations.

Emma is another mixed media artist and as we all know the way the world has changed from artist staying inside one box is no longer good enough for our own creative minds.  She loves to illustrate digitally, draw and create handmade jewellery and also paint. Take a LOOK!!!

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When asking Emma if she prefers to work alone or in a team this is what she told us.

“I do prefer to work alone but that’s only because I have a real hard time communicating my thoughts and ideas to people.”

We think a lot of us have this problem trying to get your ideas communicated to the person in front of you or through emails or even drawing sketches, it can be hard to get your vision across but the upside of working in a team is that you always have that input and support of the person you are working alongside.  There are pros and cons to each method. Over at A.R.Tees we believe in a happy medium.

Emma Lou studied contemporary creative practices but she is mostly self taught and strong in her field of creative expertise's. She loves Jamie Hewletts work and Zdzislaw Beksinski and the Stephen King books.

When we asked how she spends her day this is what she told us.

“Most of my time that’s not taken up by my day job is taken up with creating art, except when I squeeze a little bit of gaming in.”

So there you have it a brief insight to this amazing artist make sure to check out her work at the links provided like and share her page and stay connected. 

Click Image to head to Emma Lou's Page.

Click Image to head to Emma Lou's Page.