Jasmine Rebecca Foster An Artist Revealed

Hello again everyone. We hope you are well and excited to hear all about our lasted edition to An Artist Revealed with Jasmine Rebecca Foster.

Jasmine was born 21.02.85 from Carlyon Bay in the South West of Cornwall. Like always we start off with the basic questions. When asking Jasmine how she first discovered she wanted to be an artist she told us.

“One of my first memories from primary school was of colouring in alphabet letters quietly in the corner whilst my classmates fought over who was going to be in charge in the play kitchen. This may also explain why my skills in the kitchen have never really progressed. Luckily my ability to colour within the lines has! I received my first set of watercolour paints at aged eight and have been trying to master them ever since!

Not only is she very talented she has a funny side. Jasmine is not to be over looked as an artist she is inspired most when she is outdoors travelling whilst listening to music. In this transcendent space she finds she can connect with who she is and what she is trying to convey through her work.

We here from most the artist we have spoken to that whenever they are away from technology and just observe the natural world ideas and inspirations start to flow. Jasmine is no different in this respect. What makes her different is how she absorbs her surroundings. With fairy tales, fantasy, science fiction programs and films, books she is able to translate ideas and stories of her own onto paper.

We ask how Jasmine likes to work and in what format.

“I love to mix very detailed sketches with the fluidity of watercolours and ink. I think this must reflect my personality… on one hand I am very careful, measured and considered in what I do in life and the other side of me is very wishy washy and dreamy! It is a delicate balance between the two mediums and often the result is determined by which part of my brain is more dominant that day! I have recently started to work on a few acrylic pieces on canvas, and it seems such a luxury to be able to build colour and layers, when watercolour can be so unforgiving.”

Jasmine Foster also said to us team working isn’t her strong point. She needs time away from outside influences so she can stay in here little bubble to make things that from an authentic part of her.  However she has a few friends that write beautiful stories and she works with them on illustrative ideas.

Jasmine studied for her degree in one of the best Universities for Art which is of course University College Falmouth in the South west of Cornwall. She graduated in 2007 after finishing her degree in Illustration Jasmine took a part time job as an illustrator for two years before taking the leap to full time self employed artist.

“Tell us about yourself. I.e. your favourite artist, books you look at. Any magazines you are interested in or any others.”

“I love the work of artist Marc Chagall, for his beautiful colours and the romantic, dreaminess of his imagery.

Illustrator Edmund Dulac also created the most beautiful scenes in his work, I feel especially influenced by his blue, star-lit scenes right now. I love the old fairytale books illustrated by Arthur Rackham and the colourful compositions that French illustrator Rébecca Dautremer creates.

I was quite obsessed with Brian Froud and all his conceptual art for films during university and my all time favourite film is still Labyrinth! I currently subscribe to Faerie magazine, I like to read a page or two before bed because it completely removes me from the ‘real world’, which is nice :)”

Click Image to go to Jasmine's Website.

Click Image to go to Jasmine's Website.

So there you have it another talented artist revealed for you guys to have a look through her work please check out her work and visit her website. We hope the information leads you on your own journey of discovery.