The Man Engine

If you missed The Man Engine travelling around Cornwall over the past two months you can catch some snippets of him here at Angels Recommend.  A brief bit of history a man engine is a mechanism of reciprocating ladders, stationary platforms installed in mines to assist miners working on different levels move from each layer inside the earth. It was invented in Germany in the 19th century and was a major feature of tin and copper mines in Cornwall until the beginning of the twentieth century. The first one created in Cornwall was in Tresavean Mine in Lanner Near Redruth. 

The Man Engine Puppet that has travelled its way across Cornwall is a modern day art illustration of these historic machines. The biggest man made puppet of its kind over 10 metres high makes it a spectacular event to see bringing in crowds of thousands and each destination it arrived at from Liskeard to Penzance. 

Photographs taken by Christopher Jarrold  Click image for slide show. 

The Man Engine brainchild of Cornishman Will Coleman proved to be a success and was invented to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Cornwall's mining industry landscape attaining World Heritage status. 

Film footage recorded by Christopher Jarrold.

Here is some footage from when the Man Engine was in Saint Austell enjoy.