Geoff Nugent An Artist Revealed

Hello every one A.R.Tees back with another Artist Review



This very talented artist is Geoff Nugent from Plymouth Geoff was born in 1975 and had a love for music he stopped Djing in 2010 and started to create his own music from then until 2012 he found that his creativity didn’t just stop at creating beats and found himself looking for another creative outlet after seeing artists work such as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko and Wassily Kandinsky

Geoff as an artist takes inspiration from the world around him forever taking photos where ever he travels with his phone of certain sets of angles of colours that also inspire him in his creativity. He said that looking at other people’s artwork on social media such as instagram and others are excellent for inspiration, finding different colour palettes.

When asking Geoff Nugent how he works this is what he said.

“I create my own canvas frames and stretch my own canvas too; I feel that this gives me the freedom to cover any space I want with any size I feel works.  My work is predominantly in Acrylic with a few secret ingredients added to create the effects on each pour but I have also created some larger, mixed-media work using magazine cuttings, spray paints, acrylics and liquid varnish.  The largest canvas I have worked so far was 1.5m x 1.5m but I have also done some 15cmx15cm ones too!”

If you want to check out Geoff’s work head to his website where he show cases his work which you can also purchase.

Links to his social media are also on his site.

If you ever find yourself in the Ivybridge area of Devon check out Geoff Nugent’s work in Redpod Studios added below is a map for location. It is a jolly place filled with artists and creative minds alike.


Geoff never went to a school to study art he didn’t even do GCSE art he has always just had a natural creative flare and that is all it takes. So if you are sitting there thinking to yourself you can’t be an artist because you didn’t go to school or study in the educational system you are mistaken.  This is what he told us when asking him this question.

“I am 100% self-taught; I didn't even study GCSE Art!  I have always had a creative streak though, from music production to playing instruments when I was younger (trombone, trumpet & cornet); I also ran a Fantasy Football League amongst my friends at school before the phrase had even been invented and definitely before the internet!”

Geoff Nugent is a man after my own heart and when he told us this I had to totally agree with it 100%. His favourite artist is not one of those who inspire his work but ever since he visited his solo show at the Tate Modern in London in 2012, Damien Hurst has intrigued him. His work comes from some dark place in his mind and is quite simply stunning.  

We think for a lot of artist this concept of having a favourite artist that does not influence your work can be very true.  Please check out Geoff Nugent’s work.  We hope you liked this Artist Review edition.  

Click Image to go to Geoff Nugent's online shop.

Click Image to go to Geoff Nugent's online shop.