Truro Art Festival

Angels Recommend went on a little trip this week to check out Truro Art Festival.

Ten Days of art, culture and music events for all starting from the 27th of March to the 5th of April. Unlucky for us we could not find out much about this event online so when we turned up on April the first wondering what we was going to find.  Oh no bad luck strikes we couldn't find all that much happening on the 1st had we missed it was it over ? 

We moved down to lemon Quay where things should of been kicking off. It was like walking into a Town Market. Then we found the brochure. Typical lucked out it was Truro Farmers Market. Not much art to be found. How ever there was an empty Yut with a spine in it and a person doing yoga. Turned out there was well being day on in there so the hunt for the mystery art continued. 

There were some issues with this festival. Finding information first off was rather hard then tracking down where the art was hiding in the festival was also a little bit off putting. They had spent out money on illustrating a lovely map but didn't label it clearly. It was like a (Where is Wolly book )  Lovely illustration just no information on the map to say what building was which unless turning the book upside down and linking the right image to the number and then finding it on the map.

( we would post a picture of this map to show you but due to copyright regulations we are not aloud. ) 

I am not going to say the festival was a total bust because we were only down for one day and that day we had travelled down when we read the Truro Festival booklet there didn't seem to be much happening on the 1st of April. We just lucked out on the day.

However we did manage to find some interesting guys doing illustrations in the local library.

Thomas G. J. Shape, Jake Rowlinson and another guy that goes by the name Anger The Bees!

Thomas had said to use that it was an open project where people could sign up to draw a few pages each of an illustrated comic. We thought this was a nice Idea and a ideal way to show off the local art talent. He had also said anyone could get involved with this project and not just artist. 

I was thinking to my self it would of been a good idea if they had also done and illustrated colouring book which they then could have printed and sold at the end of the 10 day festival. 

Unfortunately they had not been funded any money to do such things as Tom explain to us. Hats off to these guys for turning up and drawing some illustrations in their free time.  

Check these guys out.

Click image for slide show.