Zenna Tagney An Artist Revealed

Hello everyone. Angels Recommend here again with another artist reveal. 

We have another artist to share with you today her name is Zenna Tagney born in (06/02/1988) from a small town called Tywardreath the same small town our resident artist grew up in. Cornwall.

Just like the other reviews we have done with other artist we asked Zenna Tagney the same questions.  When asking her that first important question of how she discovered she wanted to be an artist this is what she told us.

“I've always enjoyed art and made little sculptural things with whatever I could find. I guess when I knew I was do something in the creative/art world was when it came to choosing subjects to do at college and I couldn't see myself doing anything else. I chose to do a National Diploma in Art and Design so I could do solely creative subjects.”

So what was Zenna’s inspiration? She takes her inspiration from her Cornish heritage from traditional stories, folklore and superstitions. She also likes to explore with the human connection to other animals and landscapes we all live in. This is what leads to her hybrid sculptures a mixture of human animal plant forms.

When asking Zenna what format she liked to work in she told us it was mainly ceramic based work incorporated with other materials fabrics, woods, hidden treasures found like objects and vegetation that she can re-purpose to create her artwork.

Zenna likes to work with a mix of both utilising a team and working on her own she finds collaborative projects to be a challenging task that she can enjoy bouncing ideas off other artist such as herself. She has worked on various community projects with the theatre companies.

“It’s all ways great to work in big team; I get a real energy boost from it.”

We totally agree it is a big part of our dynamic as Angels Recommend.

Journeys are a big part of an artist’s life and story they are trying to convey. Our resident artist did not know that Zenna Tagney who he had gone to school with had become an artist as they had different paths and education.  Zenna studied a National Diploma in Art at Truro College and went on to Falmouth University to do a Foundation Degree followed by a B.A (HONS) in contemporary crafts.

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As you can see Zenna is very talented.

We asked Zenna this question, tell us about yourself. I.e. your favourite artist, books you look at. Any magazines you are interested in or any others. Here is what she said.

“I don’t really have one favourite artist, there are so many whose work I admire; Tessa Farmer, Julie Byrne, Tim Shaw, the magical Frouds, and the ever-inspiring Arthur Rackham to name just a few.”

We always like to add this question for an insight into the artist we are talking about. Also so you can hunt down some people or information/books, music that you may not have heard about it also lets us hunt for different artist and expands our knowledge. Sharing is the key.

Now go hunt for the rest of Zenna's amazing works you can find her on facebook just jump down the rabbit hole ^_^.

(Click this image to go to Zenna's Facebook page.)

(Click this image to go to Zenna's Facebook page.)

Get your hands on some of Zenna's work and go to her website to find all her contact details click the image below.

We hoped you enjoyed this artist reveal please do leave comments in the comment box we love to hear from you.